Summary of Research in the Meaning and Computation Lab
Joseph A Goguen

This is the homepage for a selective high level overview of some research projects in the Meaning and Computation Lab, produced in response to requests for a lecture on this topic. Brief summaries of the following areas are included:

  1.    Software Engineering and Lite Formal Methods   

  2.    Sociology of Information Technology and Science   

  3.    User Interface Design   

Discussion of the first topic begins with a short contextualization for software engineering and formal methods, followed by some of my own research, including the BOBJ and Kumo systems, hidden algebra, and the theory of institutions. Some earlier work on module systems is also mentioned, as well as our new project on data integration.

Discussion of the second topic consists of brief motivation and summaries of projects, plus abstracts of recent papers, of some key older papers, and of two courses, CSE 275 and CSE 175 (previously 190B).

Discussion of the third topic includes motivation for algebraic semiotics and its application to user interface design, plus brief abstracts of papers and courses, and links to papers and webpages.

Here is a somewhat flamboyantly popular abstract for this talk.
See my Research Projects page and my What's New page for further information on my research, including links to many other webpages and to all recent papers.

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