CSE 271: User Interface Design: Social and Technical Issues
Community Service Projects
  1. San Diego county has a county run "Options for Recovery" program that provides training, support groups, babysitting, etc. for foster families that take drug exposed infants. They are interested in setting up a webiste. If you are interested, Abagail Gray (legorosequeen@netscape.net) can provide you with contact information.
  2. The website http://www.actionforum.com/ would like help improving its design; contact Dana Dahlstrom (dana@cs.ucsd.edu) for details.
  3. The San Diego Master Chorale is looking for help to improve their members section and incorporating their paper newsletter. Contact ckillian@gmail.com for details.
  4. The UCSD Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center wants to upgrade its website. Contact Debbi Blake (dblake@ucsd.edu) for details.
  5. Volunteer San Diego matches organizations with volunteers. Phone 858-4131, email info@volunteersandiego.org. (But you will still need to get approval from me before proceeding.)
  6. Another potential source for ideas is Barbara Bry at the Voice of San Diego (a new online San Diego newspaper, Barbara.Bry@voiceofsandiego.org).
  7. And yet another resource is the Jacobs School of Engineering Teams in Engineering Service program.
  8. In addition, some projects were suggested that have a significant database component. If you can team with someone who has expertise in that area, or if you have the expertise and want to do this kind of project (bearing in mind that the user interface design still has to be the largest part), please contact me and I will provide details.

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