CSE 175: Social and Ethical Issues in Information Technolgy - Fall 2003
Optional Makeup Homework Assignment

These questions are optional, and you may do as few as you wish. They will replace one homework set in which you got a low grade; please indicate which set you wish to replace; you cannot get more points than the number in the set you are replacing, so do not do more problems than are in that set. The answers are due the last day of class (3 December).

  1. Discuss some limitations of the so-called "production possibility frontier model," using examples from McCain's webtext.
  2. Explain why scientists are justifiably reluctant to abandon a paradigm (in the sense of Kuhn).
  3. Explain reflexivity (in the sense of sociological theorizing) and give details of an example from ANT.
  4. State Douglass North's definition of "institution" and give an example related to the internet. Now relate your example to actor-network theory, and contrast the viewpoints of neo-classical economics and sociology of technology.

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