GradeStat is an instructor's tool which generates detailed reports of course grading information in both text and web page output. The reports include student standings, and histograms and statistical information for the course, each course category, as well as individual assignments and exams. GradeStat also aids the instructor by compiling students scores and course grading information. GradeStat also has the ability to mail a message to all of the students and to mail the students their randomly generated secret numbers.

Here are the steps involved in installing GradeStat.

Download gradestat.tar.gz.

Decompress the file.
gunzip gradestat.tar.gz
tar -xvf gradestat.tar

Run gradestat and follow the instructions.
cd gradestat

Here are the steps involved in upgrading GradeStat.

Download upgrade.tar.gz.

Decompress the file on top of your old installation.
gunzip upgrade.tar.gz
tar -xvf upgrade.tar

Run gradestat as you would normally.

Here are the steps for getting the new gradestat, which is still under construction.

Download gradestat_java.tar.gz.

Decompress the file.
gunzip gradestat_java.tar.gz
tar -xvf gradestat_java.tar

Run gradestat and follow the instructions.


This is the interface script to the GradeStat program. It uses menu driven input to gather information from the instructor about the student listing, course categories, assignments/exams, and student grades. It is possible to hand edit the datafiles if you don't want to use the menus, but it should be done from inside the GradeStat program iteself

The first thing that needs to be created in 'gradestat' is to modify the student listing. If your system supports 'ufinger' and the instructor's home directory is on the same directory level as the students directories, then this will be done automatically for you during gradestat setup time. Otherwise you can add students via the Student menu.

The next step is to specify the course categories. This allows the instructor to specify what percentage of the total each breakdown is worth. (e.g. Homework = 40%, Midterms = 20%, Final Exam = 40%). This is done via the Category Menu.

Once categories have been established the instructor must then add individual assignments/exams to the course via the

Assignment Menu.

At this point, the course setup is complete, and you need only add scores for each student via the Scores Menu. From there, student scores can be added by the 'add' menu item, so that scores are input one at a time, or via the 'edit the scorefile' menu item, where are the scores are edited via your favorite editor.

Categories and Assignments can be added, removed, or changed at any time over the course of the class.

Posting Scores

After the necessary information about the course has been entered chosing the "Generate HTML and Text Output" menu item from the main menu will generate the text output files, the instructor's text standing files, and the HTML output files.

This posting of scores also takes care to make a backup of the datafiles in the 'gradestat/backup' directory in case you ever need to go back to a previous state of the grade listings.

Policy with Regards to Posting of Scores

In the "1996 Grading Information Booklet", within the section "Privacy Rights of Students" under the subsection "Alternatives to the Posting of Grades", the 4th paragraph reads ...

"Another alternative involves the assignment of a number to each student. The numbers should be assigned in such a manner that it is not possible for a third part to identify the student and number. Grades for all students in a course could be posted using such a scheme."

Following is a link to said policy.

The Mail Menu

This menu allows the instructor to send generic email to all the students defined course.

This menu also allows the insturctor to mail each student his/her secret number that GradeStat uses in its generated output files.

Preferences Menu

There are several user preferences that may be set to different values. These preferecnes are listed under the Preferences Menu.

Future Plans

There is a new version of Gradestat program is under construction. New version of Gradestat will have following features.

Will have much more User frieldly graphical as well as text based interface. Text based interface is included to gradestat in order to allow the user to be able to run Gradestat outside of campus using telnet sessions.

Will have the option to automate many time consuming tasks such as:

* Inputing the grades into master data file, which were recived from graders.

* Automatically updates the web page reflecting the changes.

* Notifying the graders of the due date to return the grades.

* Updates the course roster from ACS account, keep track of students whose course accounts have been droped , added, or suspended. Gradestat, notify the user for any of these changes, making it very easy for user to update the course roster.

* Gradestat will be able to produce raw data files competible with other programs based upon delimitors entered by user.

* Gradestat all be able to display calculations, displaying the student's progress over the quarter/semster. This option will be very useful to determine the grades for students.

Gradestat will keep a log of data files, which can be used to recover from bad data entry.

Here are some example HTML output files from GradeStat.

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