Reference Links for Top-down Calculus

(1) Alfred Lodge, Differential Calculus for Beginners, George Bell and Sons, London, 1905, 321 pages

This book by Alfred Lodge is an excellent supplement to Top-down Calculus. It is available as a download from Google Books in pdf format.

For a version of Lodge in which the page numbers in the book match the page numbers in Adobe Reader (and some additional remarks have been added as notes) click here: download. Pages a-d are Google material, pages I - XXV introductory book material, and pages 1- 278 text.

(2) Dan Sloughter, Difference Equations to Differential Equations, An introduction to calculus, Creative Commons License, PDF Files.

(3) Dan Sloughter, The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables, Creative Commons License, PDF Files.

(4) Wikipedia Calculus (Check References and Further Reading sections)

(5) Gilbert Strang, Calculus, MIT Open Courseware, PDF Files.