Cognitive Modeling Greatest Hits

This is a list of cognitive modeling papers solicited from a wide range of cognitive modelers, by asking them the following: "I wonder if you would do me the honor of sending me a list of your top 2-5 favorite cognitive modeling papers. I would expect that 1-3 of these would be your papers, and 1-3 would be someone else's. I am looking for papers where someone really nailed the phenomenon, whatever it is. I would lean towards more recent papers, but oldies but goodies are ok too."

At the bottom of this list are some of the comments received with the papers, organized by the name of the respondent. Please let me know if any of the links are broken:

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Remarks by Researchers in Cognitive Science

        Gary Dell

Angela Yu

Wanted to add
  • Dayan, P, Hinton, GE, Neal, RM & Zemel, RS (1995). The Helmholtz machine.  Neural Computation, 7, 889-904. pdf
  • but I did not include it because it is not modeling any particular data. Angela's response: "Personally I feel like it is an important theoretical constructs worth teaching/learning.  After all, any model can fit data, whether good or bad, bit only a few (good ones) can generalize across experimental settings and levels of analysis."