CTF Team Stuff

Join the offical UCSD CTF IRC channel! irc.freenode.net #ucsdctf (for now)
We have an official mailing list through UCSD. Email me if you want to be on it!
For info on upcoming CTFs check ctftime. I've put together a random pile of problems from various CTFs that looked like good starting points, grab it here.

Intro to CTFs Talk

Talk is here(ODP format).

Intro to x86 Binaries Talk

Slides (pdf)
Check out CSE 127 class assignments here.
This simple binary I demo'd is now here.

Email me at: dkohlbre [-at-] cs.ucsd.edu if you have questions.


You should learn to use IRC, using either irssi (available via most linux package managers as 'irssi') or another client (like hexchat, mIRC, pidgin, etc).
All CTF administration and our team's collaboration will be via IRC.


Hack.lu CTF 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated! We did pretty well for a first CTF