Artificial Intelligence Seminar, Fall 2021

Time : Mondays 12-1 in CSE 4140

Date Presenter
Sep 27 Anthony Thomas, Bodhisattwa Majumder, Chen Cai,
Gaurav Mahajan, Hao-Wen Dong, Jacob Imola
Summer internship review
Oct 4 Gaurav Mahajan Bilinear Classes: A Structural Framework for Provable Generalization in RL
Oct 11 Tom Hope (UW/AI2) Harnessing Scientific Literature for Boosting Discovery and Innovation
Oct 18 Bodhisattwa Majumder Language Generation with Interactions, Explanations, and Commonsense
Oct 25 Shivani Agarwal (UPenn) Surrogate loss functions in ML: What are the fundamental design principles?
Nov 1 Robin Walters (Northeastern) Equivariant Neural Networks for Learning Spatiotemporal Dynamics
Nov 8 Akash Kumar Teaching via Best-Case Counterexamples
Nov 15 Aditi Mavalankar Option Discovery in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Nov 22 Yian Ma MCMC vs. variational inference -- for credible learning and decision making at scale
Nov 29 Zhifeng Kong
Mehrab Tanjim
A brief introduction to denoising diffusion probabilistic models
Debiasing image-to-image translation models