Daniel Ricketts

Graduate Student
Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, San Diego
Office: EBU3B 3260
email: daricket at cs.ucsd.edu

I am a sixth year PhD student in Computer Science advised by Sorin Lerner. I build tools that make it easier to formally verify software correctness.

I previously worked on problems related to coordination and common knowledge while being advised by Mohan Paturi.

I have interned at Facebook and at Telefonica I+D in the Data Mining and User Modeling group under Enrique Frias-Martinez.

Prior to UCSD, I worked at the Microsoft Research / INRIA Joint Centre in Orsay, France on formal verification under the leadership of Leslie Lamport and Damien Doligez.

Prior to INRIA, I attended Brown University where I completed my Bachelors in Math / Computer Science. I worked with Claire Mathieu and John Savage.

I'm currently a top prospect for the US Men's National Soccer Team.

Here is my CV and resume.

VeriDrone VeriDrone

Foundational Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems

Reflex Reflex

Automated verification of reactive systems in Coq [Quick links: Paper, Talk, Browser-video, SSH-video]

Modular Deductive Verification of Cyber-physical Systems (EMSOFT 2016)
    Daniel Ricketts, Gregory Malecha, Sorin Lerner (UCSD)

Towards Verification of Hybrid Systems in a Foundational Proof Assistant (MEMOCODE 2015)
    Daniel Ricketts, Gregory Malecha, Mario Alvarez, Vignesh Gowda, Sorin Lerner (UCSD)

Automating Formal Proofs for Reactive Systems (PLDI 2014)
    Daniel Ricketts, Valentin Robert, Donseok Jang, Zachary Tatlock, and Sorin Lerner
    [Project Webpage] [PLDI 14 Talk]

Common Knowledge and State-dependent Equilibria (SAGT 2012)
    Nuh Aygun Dalkiran, Moshe Hoffman, Ramamohan Paturi, Daniel Ricketts, and Andrea Vattani

TLA+ Proofs (FM 2012)
    Denis Cousineau, Damien Doligez, Leslie Lamport, Stephan Merz, Daniel Ricketts, and Hernan Vanzetto

Impact of historical information in human coordination (WIN 2011)
    Manuel Cebrian, Ramamohan Paturi, and Daniel Ricketts

Maximizing profit using recommender systems (Unpublished)
    Aparna Das, Claire Mathieu, and Daniel Ricketts.