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Welcome to the UCSD Lattice Cryptography Pages, a collection of resources and links about lattice-based cryptography maintained by Daniele Micciancio. I (Daniele) maintain these pages primarily for personal use, so I can more easily find, now and again, papers that are relevant to my own work. The pages are made publicly available in case you find them useful too, and you are welcome to link or refer to them. But keep in mind that they are permanently under construction, not very actively maintained, and may be missing many important references. If you are interested in any specific topic, it is recommended that you use the papers listed here just as a starting point, and perform a more exhaustive backward/forward bibliography search. For most papers, I link both to publicly available versions of the work (ePrint, arXiv, etc.) and the published/doi version, which may include a list of hyperlinked cited/citing papers.


Algorithms and Complexity

Cryptographic Primitives

Implementation and Security