Office: USCD CSE Building (EBU3b) room 4230
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  • Software

    • Hors Catégorie
      An interactive fiction I made with David Benin in 2007.

    • Dots-n-Boxes
      My wonderful Allegro implementation of the classic game. The AI is very strong. It should now work with Windows XP et al.

    • Launch project
      for Sam Buss's Spring 2002 graphics class.

    • Primality
      Here is the code for a C implementation of the Agrawal, Nayal, Saxena primality testing algorithm. It does not use FFT for the polynomial multiplication. Such a change would require much more programming effort and only speed it up by 1 order of magnitude, and even then only for sufficiently large inputs.

    • Programming projects
      A list of most of my programming activities over my whole life.
  • Dance

    • I've been dancing tango since 2002.
    • I presided over the UCSD Tango Club from 2005-2006,
    • and currently co-run the Friday night dance Milonga Sin Nombre.
    • A clip of me dancing with Judy Cunningham, 3/2007.
  • Artwork

    • T-shirt
      I designed for the UCSD Tango Club; an adaptation of an image of Poseidon commonly found on UCSD websites.

    • Business card
      (coming soon)

    • Eiffel tower
      I made from Brisk Iced Tea cans that Ragesh Jaiswal drank. It stands proudly in the theory lab.

    • UCSD Tango Club
      cache of the old website I designed (coming soon).

    • Milonga Sin Nombre
      website I designed.

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