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Here we provide the software used to perform Off-line Phase Classification and to find Simulation Points.

We are constantly improving SimPoint.  These improvements and the maintenance of the SimPoint software requires the cost of a handful of students per year.  If you are using SimPoint in an industrial setting and are deriving value from SimPoint we would appreciate receiving a one time grant to be used towards improving the SimPoint approach,  maintaining the software, and adding new features.   This is not necessary in order to use the software, but will help maintain and improve the software. Depending on the value derived from using SimPoint and size of the company, example one time gifts have been in the range of 5K to 45K (it costs 45K to support a graduate student for 1 year).   If interested, please contact Brad Calder ( you!

By downloading the SimPoint software you are agreeing to our license agreement

For getting started, please see the following very brief introduction into using SimPoint 3.0

SimPoint 3.0 - Provides the following  new features
bullet10x to 50x faster than SimPoint 2.0 for picking simulation points
bulletSupport for processing any number of intervals using sub-sampling
bulletMore efficient searching options for finding the best clustering
bulletAbility to report only the simulation points that account for the majority of execution
bulletSupport for variable length intervals (SimPoint 2.0 cannot be used for variable length intervals)

SimPoint 2.0 - This is the updated Phase Classification and SimPoint algorithm presented at PACT 2003.  This release includes the Original SimPoint algorithm (fixing known DRs), the new Early SimPoint algorithm, and the new Variance SimPoint algorithm.

SimPoint 1.1 - This is the phase classification and SimPoint algorithm presented at ASPLOS 2002.  The algorithm uses k-means clustering to find single and multiple simulation points for different interval sizes.

PinPoints - A dynamic binary instrumentation framework from Intel for x86 and IA-64. The framework provides the support to gather Basic Block Vectors and then run SimPoint all together automatically to pick the simulation points.

ATOM BBV - The ATOM instrumentation and analysis code is provided to generate the Basic Block Vectors needed to perform off-line phase classification and for finding simulation points.

SimpleScalar BBV - A version of sim-fast is provided to generate the Basic Block Vectors needed to perform off-line phase classification and for finding simulation points.


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