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The following are the Simulation Points, and Error Analysis derived using SimPoint for the Alpha SPEC 2000 binaries found at  All of these simulation points are generated by only examining the executed code.  No architecture statistics are included in the generation of these points.

For getting started, please see the following very brief introduction into how to use simulation points.

Single Simulation Points - The goal is to find the best single  simulation point that accurately representatives the complete execution of a program.   The single simulation point typically represents a phase transition, so the single simulation point typically captures the behavior of two dominate phases.  Since programs have many phases, the single simulation point will have a higher error rate than if multiple points are used.  None the less, the single simulation point is fairly accurate and is used by many researchers for guiding their architecture design tradeoffs. 

Another option for using a single simulation point is to use the largest weighted simulation point from the multiple simulation points below.  This can provide an accurate representation of a large fraction of the program's execution.

New Multiple Simulation Points posted June 2005 using the new SimPoint 3.0 algorithm

Multiple Simulation Points - Program's have many phases, and each phase can have different performance characteristics.  To accurately capture the complete execution of the program, it is beneficial to simulate the best representative from each phase.   Multiple simulation points provides one representative simulation point from each phase from our off-line phase classification algorithm.  Simulating each of these points and then combining the results together provides an accurate representation of the complete execution of the program.

Example Error Rates - Provides an error analysis for SimPoint.  We compare the use of these simulation points for guiding detailed architecture simulation to the full execution of the SPEC 2000 programs.


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