Fall 2000 UCSD Programming Contest

Friday October 13th, 2000
Time: 5pm to 11pm
Location: APM 2444

Sponsored by

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With support from
UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
UCSD ACM Student Chapter, and

Fall 2000 overall ranking

Fall 2000 problems and answers

Fall 2000 results showing who solve what problems

Results from Fall 1999 Contest

Results from Spring 2000 Contest

General Tips for the Programming Contest

For this contest, students will compete individually. From the top finishers at the contest, students will be chosen to represent UCSD at the 2000 ACM Southern California Programming Contest on November 11th at Riverside Community College.

Languages: You can program in either C, C++ or Java

Editors: Emacs and Vi

Prizes: The top 10 finishers will receive gift certificates sponsored by Entropia . 1st-$150, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$75, 4th through 7th $50 each, and 8th through 10th $25 each. Additional software prizes will be awarded to the top finishers provided by Microsoft.

Food: Pizza and pop will be provided for everyone by Microsoft.

How to sign up: Sign up using the the on-line electronic form . You must be a 1/2 time to full time UCSD undergraduate to participate, or be a graduate student who has not completed more than 2 years of graduate school and does not hold a graduate degree. Participation will be limited to around 70 students because of available space, so be sure and sign up early.

List of Everyone Signed Up

Official Instructions

More Contest Details:

We will start giving out contest accounts at 5:00, and there will be a practice contest at 5:30. The contest will start promptly at 6:00. If you do not show up by 5:45, then your slot may be given to another student, and we will go over the rules starting at 5:30. We'll also order the pizza around 5:30pm giving people a chance to vote on what they like. The contest will last for 5 hours, and prizes will be awarded at 11:00pm.

We will have special accounts set up for the contest with logins and passwords. These accounts must be used for the contest. You are not allowed to take code from other accounts or from the Internet, but you are allowed to bring any books or written material with you to the contest. From example, you may want to bring programming language books, algorithm and theory books, math books, etc.

The contest will consist of 6 questions (2 easy, 2 medium, and 2 hard). Your solutions will be mailed to a primary account, where judges will review them, and you will be given a form similar to as is done at the ACM programming contest telling you whether your solution was correct. If it was correct, the form will also tell you your time.

For the final rankings, each person who solves at least one problem will be ranked:

There will be student runners to bring result forms back for submitted solutions, to bring back print outs from the printer, and to run any problem clarifications you might have to the judges.

Contact Brad Calder (calder@cs.ucsd.edu), if you have any questions, or would like to help out with the contest.