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This page contains the fun hacks that Bennet has worked on recently. The first few are Web-related coding, largely interface gateways that offer an improved, Web-oriented user interface to existing, text-mode services.
  • Hypertest Thesaurus Interface
  • Hypertext Manual Pages Interface
  • a portable save_world process checkpointing package, recently ported to Solaris and x86 Linux. It also runs on HPUX, SunOS, alpha OSF/1, pmax Mach, x86 Mach, sun3 Mach, sun4 Mach, vax Mach, IBM RT Mach, and Luna 88k Mach.
  • Hypertext Webster's Interface, ported from CMU.
  • Internet Accessible Coke Machines
  • Internet Accessible machines page (weather machines, cameras, refrigerators, bat houses, etc)

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