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Non-academic projects : Ben Cipollini @

I've been in graduate school for 7 years for two major reasons:

  1. My research is interdisciplinary, spanning behavioral psychology, systems neuroscience, computational modeling, even comparative neuroscience and human evolution.
    That takes time!
  2. I've taken leadership roles in two non-academic projects.

I'm happy with my involvement on both non-academic projects, and am glad to share them here with you!

Foundation for Learning Equality

In April of 2013, I got involved with a newly-formed non-profit organization with the goal to bring the explosive growth of freely available digital educational materials to the offline world. The issues are important, the FLE team rocks, and I wound up becoming the Software Development Lead (and Implementations Liaison).

KA Lite, our first software product, is an installable, offline server that offers the basic content, reporting, and mastery-based learning of Khan Academy to students who don't have sufficient access to the internet to otherwise leverage these resources.

Since then, I've contributed to a number of initiatives, including:

In October 2007, I created a concept website to aggregate "deal of the day" offers across the web. Without expecting it, a bunch of people found my site and shared it, and a business was born. I expanded the website, and at its peak it had ~15,000 page-views per day.

As CEO and sole operator, I was responsible for all aspects of the site--both coding of the site (the aggregation code, website layout, creating feed to allow others to rev-share my data, discovering new deals) as well as finances (taking on advertising partners, setting up revenue sharing, even billing...).

In 2010, I sold the website to Internet Brands in order to focus on my dissertation!