Department of Computer Science and Engineering

CSE 260,  Parallel Computation

University of California, San Diego

Fall 2002

Team Self Evaluation Form

If you are working in a team on a project, then submit one copy of this self evaluation form. The members of each team should discuss how they worked together and what to write for the evaluation.

(1) List the names of your team members:



(2) Estimate how much time each team member devoted to this project.

  A B
planning (alone)    
total (including meetings)    

(3) On an attached page, describe in about one page (a) what the major responsibilities of each team member were, (b) whether or not you met your milestones (c) the major strengths and weaknesses in how your team worked together, (d) the lessons learned from these events, (e) whether and how you plan to modify your milestones and how your team is organized, and (f) anything else that comes to mind.


Scott Baden