Class project examplars from CSE 260 and CSE 262

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,

University of California, San Diego

Here are some project reports from CSE 260 and CSE 262.

  1. Hybrid Programming and Automated Programming: Current and Future Programmer Responsibilities a reading study, Helen Parks (CSE 262, Winter 2013)
  2. Earthquake Simulation on the Intel Xeon Phi Co-processor, Alexander Brewslow, Jesper Lindstrøm and Tatenda M. Chipeperekwa (CSE 262, Winter 2013)
  3. Multigrid using MPI, Allyson Cauble-Chantrenne, Whitney Maguffee and Helen Parks (CSE 260, Fall 2012).
  4. Two Approaches to Particle Simulation; OpenMPI and CUDA, Bjørn Christian Seime, Matteo Mannino, Terje Rund (CSE 260, Fall 2012).
  5. Three Dimensional Fourier Transform, CUDA Implementation, Kumar Aatish and Boyan Zhang (CSE 260, Fall 2012)
  6. Multigrid, Marlena Fecho and Jason Grego (CSE 260, Winter 2012)
  7. An Implementation of Ray Tracing in CUDA, Liang Chen, Hirakendu Das and Shengjun Pan (CSE 260, Fall 2009)
  8. Implementation of Adaptive Coarsening Algorithm on GPU using CUDA, Putt Sakdhnagool, Tassapol Athiapinya (CSE 260, Fall 2009)
  9. Nife: A GPU Port of the Support Operator for Rupture Dynamics (SORD), Emmett McQuinn and David Wang (CSE 260, Fall 2009)
  10. Parallelizing Pre-conditioned Conjugate Gradient Method with OpenMP, MPI and CUDA, Vasileios Kontorinis and Nikolaos Trogkanis (Fall 2009)
  11. The Time to Pass Messages Limits Scalability, Chris Deotte (CSE 260, Fall 2008)
  12. Parallelizing the Mace Model Checker, Alex Rasmussen and Kevin Webb (CSE 260, Fall 2008)
  13. Implementing 3D Jacobi Method on Cell, Md. Kamruzzaman (CSE 260, Fall 2008)
  14. A Parallel Implementation of Tensor Multiplication Bryan Rasumussen (CSE 260, Fall 2006)
  15. Parallelizing LU Factorization Scott Ricketts (CSE 260, Fall 2006)
  16. Parallel Particle Packing, Richard Lohwasser and Chris Schroeder (CSE 260, Fall 2005)
  17. A Spatial Database Implementation for 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics, Han Kim (CSE 262, Spring 2006)
  18. Adaptive Coarsening in Two and Three Dimensions, Chris Schroeder (CSE 262, Spring 2006)
  19. Fast Adaptive Storage and Retrieval, Jeremy Lau and Eric Hall (CSE 260, Fall 2002)
  20. A Parallel Simulation of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Ted Hromadka and Johann Ammerlahn (CSE 260, Fall 2002)
  21. A Parallel Simulation of Traffic, Cynthia Bailey Lee (CSE 260, Fall 2002)
  22. Message passing performance, Bob Boyer and Patrick Chase (CSE 260, Spring 2001)
  23. Performance Comparison of MPI vs. Titanium, Roger Bharath and Stephen Lau (CSE 260, Spring 2001)

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