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Scott B. Baden

My research interests are in high performance and scientific computation: run time support, domain specific translation, irregular problems and data discovery.

I currently hold the Inria International Chair (2020-2024) and I am a founding member of UCSD’s Computational Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Program (CSME).

I spent 5 years at Lawrence Berkeley Lab; 2 as a Post Doc, and, more recently, for 3 years as Group Lead, leading the Pagoda Project, developing PGAS infrastructure under the auspices of the DOE Exascale Computing Project. I joined UCSD in 1990.

For more information see this Short bio or my curriculum vitae. Some photos of my academic descendent and ancestors.

Here is a complete list of my publications (Also see DBLP.)

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Study Abroad. To learn about student opportunities, visit the Study Abroad website (part of UCSD Global Education). Study abroad is wonderful experience and will broaden your horizons!

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