E-mail: avattani{at}cs{dot}ucsd{dot}edu

Founder & Chief Scientist @ Spiketrap

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I'm currently co-founder and Chief Scientist for Spiketrap.

Prior to Spiketrap, I worked as a Senior Lead Software Engineer at Amazon Goodreads where I guided advances in machine learning applications and led the move of Goodreads infrastructure into Amazon private cloud.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego, under the kind and expert guidance of Sanjoy Dasgupta and Mohan Paturi, as well as that of Ravi Kumar during my research internships at Yahoo!.

My research spans the domains of machine learning, big data analysis, social networks, and game theory. It has been published and shared in numerous conferences and journals - including ICML, NeurIPS (NIPS), VLDB, AI-STATS, SPAA and EC - and has been applied to commercial machine-learning software (e.g. Cloudera ML/Oryx, Apache Spark ML, H2O.ai) and to the DARPA's "Red Balloon Network" and "Shredder" challenges.

I'm also a graduate of StartX, Stanford's startup accelerator for top entrepreneurs.

Born and raised in Italy, I learned to love soccer as well as cooking (of course)! I also enjoy playing the guitar and reading.

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