CSE 274 (FA 2020)

Welcome to CSE 274, Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics — Discrete Differential Geometry.

The course provides an introduction to discrete differential geometry and its applications in geometric modeling and analysis. The contents include the smooth and discrete theory of curves, surfaces, exterior calculus, the Hodge theory, and the vector bundle theory. The theories are explained alongside with applications including numerical methods for differential equations on manifolds, surface texturing, shape analysis and vector field designs. The course also covers the basics of the graphics software Houdini FX.

Course Logistics

The main course information, Zoom links are on the UCSD Canvas.
  • Instructor: Albert Chern (office hour: Thu 17:00–18:00)
  • TA: Mohammad Nezhad (office hour: Wed 10:00–11:00)
  • Time: MWF 17:00–17:50 (remote)
  • Grade: 90% Homework (including theory and implementation) + 10% Participation
    • We recommend the implementation part of the the homework be done via the Houdini software.
  • Use Piazza for Q&A discussion.
  • Use Gradescope linked from Canvas for homework submission.

Lecture Note


The last few buffer lectures may cover additional topics in graphics such as conformal geometry processing, geometric fluid dynamics, etc.