A Reflectionless Discrete Perfectly Matched Layer

Albert Chern
TU Berlin

Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) is a widely adopted non-reflecting boundary treatment for wave simulations. Reducing numerical reflections from a discretized PML has been a long lasting challenge. This paper presents a new discrete PML for the multi-dimensional scalar wave equation which produces no numerical reflection at all. The reflectionless discrete PML is discovered through a straightforward derivation using Discrete Complex Analysis. The resulting PML takes an easily-implementable finite difference form with compact stencil. In practice, the discrete waves are damped exponentially in the PML, and the error due to domain truncation is maintained at machine zero by a moderately thick PML. The numerical stability of the proposed PML is also demonstrated.

This work has been supported by DFG Collaborative Research Center TRR 109 “Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics.” Additional support was provided by SideFX software. I especially thank Prof. Olof Runborg at KTH, Stockholm, for setting forth the PML problem and many useful discussions.