CSE 30 - Computer Organization and Systems Programming

Warren Lecture Hall 2112
Lectures M & Tu & W & Th, 3:30-4:50; Disc. section Friday 2:00-2:50 (EBU3B 2154)
Summer Session II, 2011


Ali Irturk
Email: airturk @ cs.ucsd.edu
Office: EBU3B 2114
Office Hours: TBA
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Teaching Assistant

Pingfan Meng
Email: pmeng @ ucsd.edu
Office: EBU3B 2234
Office Hours: TBA


Course Description

Introduction to organization of modern digital computers - understanding the various components of a computer and their interrelationships. Study of the ARM processor architecture with emphasis on systems programming in C and Assembly languages.

Recommended Text books

ARM Assembly Language: Fundamentals and Techniques (ARM)

The C Programming Language (K+R)

Essential C

Hardware and Software

Cypress CY8CKIT-001 PSoC Development Kit - use discount code PSOC-U (50% off)


Problem Sets & Programming Assignments 25% Homeworks will be assigned on Thursday's. They are due on Tuesdays.
3 Quizzes 10% Every Thursday there will be a quiz.
Midterm 20% The midterm is on 08/18 in the class.
Final 35% The final is on 09/02 (Friday) between 3:00p and 5:59p.
Class Participation and CSE 30 Folder 10%


Topic Reading
Overview of Computer Organization and Systems Programming ARM 1.1-1.3, Gordon Moore Article
Number Representation ARM 1.4, 1.5.1, 1.5.3
C Basics K+R Chapters 1-5, Essential C - Pointers and Memory Section 1
C Data Structures K+R Chapter 6, Essential C - Section 3 & 6 (pg 33-36), Linked List Problems Section 1
Arithmetic Instructions ARM Chapter 7
Bitwise Instructions ARM Chapter 7
Control Flow Instructions ARM Chapter 8, Goto Harmful
Data Transfer Instructions ARM Chapter 5
Procedures ARM Chapter 10, ARM Procedure Call Standard
Instruction Representation ARM 1.6, ARM Appendix A, ARM Instruction Set