Fall 2005
ECON 208:Games and Information(Joel Sobel)
Winter 2005
CSE 291:Static Analysis of Systems Code(Ranjit Jhala)
Spring 2004
CSE 207:Modern Cryptography(Mihir Bellare)
Winter 2004
CSE 200:Computability and Complexity(Mihir Bellare)
Fall 2003
CSE 231:Advanced Compilers(Jeanne Ferrante)
COGS 260:Theoretical Neuroscience(Jochen Triesch and Emanuel Todorov)
Spring 2003
CSE 223B:Distributed Computing and Systems(Alex Snoeren)
CSE 291:Programming Sensor Networks(Andrew Chien)
ECE 153:Probability and Random Processes(Anthony Acampora)
Winter 2003
CSE 221: Operating Systems(Keith Marzullo)
CSE 222A:Communication Networks(Stefan Savage)
COGS 260:Neuropsychology of Development(Leslie Carver)
PSYC 105:Cognitive Psychology(Craig McKenzie)
Fall 2002
CSE 123A:Computer Networks(George Varghese)
CSE 105: Theory of Computability(Valentine Kabanets)
CSE 240A:Principles of Computer Architecture(Dean Tullsen)
CSE 200: Algorithms and Analysis(Russell Impagliazzo)