CSE Graduate Enrichment Program

The CSE department, Graduate Student Association, and Office of Graduate Studies and Research at UCSD support the graduate enrichment program in an effort to provide an introduction to tools and practices that can aide in a students' completion of projects and research. The program is organized as a set of mini-courses, often taught by graduate students, in specific tools that the speakers have found valuable. The courses are meant to be an introduction to the tool with references provided for further exploration. In the past, courses have varied from programming languages to text processing to data analysis and presentation. The format of each course is approximately a 1 hour informal seminar possibly with demonstrations, etc. If you have any suggestions for courses or ways to improve this program or web site, please send email to sherwood.

Academic Year 2001-2002

Awk: The Duct Tape of Computer Science Research
by Tim Sherwood (CSE) (May 30th, 2002)
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Introduction to MATLAB
by Holly Dail (CSE) (May 22nd, 2002)
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Home Networking
by Alan Su (CSE) (May 15th, 2002)
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Introduction to the STL
by Eric Tune (CSE) (May 8th, 2002)
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CVS, autoconf, and doxygen:
Getting your software package organized

by Shelly Strout (CSE) (February 8, 2002)
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Academic Year 2000-2001

Mini Perl: A Quick Introduction to the Language
by Jim Hayes (May 16, 2001)
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Extreme Programming: Software Engineering Applied to Empirical CS Research
by Walfredo Cirne (March 7, 2001)
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Digital Photography: Acquisition, Manipulation and Printing of Digital Images
by Walfredo Cirne and Keith Marzullo (February 16, 2001)
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Tips for Effective Public Speaking
by Martha Stacklin (Center for Teaching Development at UCSD) (February 9, 2001)
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Writing portable software using Autoconf
by Jim Hayes (October 27, 2000)
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Academic Year 1998-1999

APM:Linux Installation and Configuration
by Matt Hohlfeld (February 1, 1999)
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Panel: departmental exams (comps, research exam, and qualifying exam)
by grad students (February 5, 1999)

How to be a CPU-Hog (basic distributed computing for everyone)
by Walfredo Cirne (February 26, 1999)
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The Python Scripting Language
by Joe Strout (March 5, 1999)
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Data Analysis using Mathematica
by Shelly Strout
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Programming Tools: Distributed CVS, Makefiles, Profiling, Debugging, etc.
by Jim Hayes
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Panel: How to succeed in graduate school and get a job
by grad students (May 1999)

Using PowerPoint
by Marsha Eng
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Academic Year 1997-1998

Everything you ever wanted to know about Tex/Latex
by David Noelle

by Chris Vogt