Q & A and Piazza


Most courses at UCSD use the Piazza message board for handling Q&A. Piazza has chosen a business model in which is offers its message board to students and faculty for “free”, and makes its money by selling student data to 3rd party companies. In particular, the data Piazza sells is not anonymous or aggregate data, but personally identifiable data linked to individual students.

Instead of relying on this service, we’re going to use Google’s “Q&A” message board. It should act very similar to Piazza, namely by allowing you to post questions, answer each other’s questions, have discussions on varous topics, etc. You can control how it notifies you of messages (e.g. a daily digest, no email at all, or you can subscribe to individual threads).

The message board is available from this link:


Please let me know what you think of it.