CSE208: Advanced Cryptography (Winter 2017)

Instructor: Daniele Micciancio Time: Tue, Thu 11:00am-12:20pm Room: CSE 2154

This Advanced Cryptography course will focus on Functional Encryption, Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Program Obfuscation. See Introduction for details.

Prerequisites and Course requirements

This course assumes you have already taken an introductory graduate level cryptography class (like CSE207: Modern Cryptography) and all implied prerequisites. See the course introduction and the calibration homework for details.

Course grades will be based on class partecipation, a set of 3-4 homework assignments, and a small project or paper presentation.

Notes, Reading and Homework

Week 1 (Jan 10, 12)

Course topics, defintion of public key encyrption, equivalence between definitions

Week 2 (Jan 17, 19)

Program obfuscation, definitions, equivalences, and (im)possibility results.

Week 3/4 (Jan 26, 31, Feb 2)

Functional encryption. Definition, security, examples.

For an informal introduction to functional encryption start from the magazine article: Functional encryption: a new vision for public-key cryptography (Boneh, Sahai & Waters, Comm. of ACM 2012). Definitions and results discussed in class can be found in:

Additional reading on definitional issues for functional encryption:

Week 5/6

Some Functional Encryption constructions.

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9/10

From Functional Encryption to iO

Recent Bibliography

Here is a (perhaps incomplete) list of research papers on functional encryption, obfuscation and some related topics published just in the last year at the main cryptography conferences and workshops. We will only cover a small selection of papers in class, and you can use this list for additional reading, and possibly as the basis of your project or paper presentation.