CSE 123, Winter 2017: Computer Networks

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03/09: Office hours cancelled 3/14
The professor is travelling and will be unable to hold office hours Tuesday, March 14th.
02/09: Midterm solutions posted
You can view the solutions here. Grades will be available shortly on Gradesource, and you can pick up your exams in discussion Friday.

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CSE123 provides an introduction to the concepts, principles, and practice of computer communication networks with examples from existing architectures, protocols, and standards. Topics include layering and the OSI model; switching; local, metropolitan, and wide area networks; datagrams and virtual circuits; routing and congestion control; and internetworking (a.k.a. The Internet).

Prereqs: CSE 120 and programming experience with C for the projects.

Issues relating to the projects and homework assignments will be handled largely in the discussion section. The TAs will likely be far more accommodating to questions from those students who regularly attend discussion sections.

Course Staff

Teaching Assistant

NameEmailOfficeTelOffice Hours
Aravind Kumar K B240A N/A Thu 2-4pm, Fri 12-2pm
Daniel Knapp B240A N/A Mon/Wed 12-1pm
Vikas Lokesh N/A N/A By appointment


NameEmailOfficeTelOffice Hours
Alex C. Snoeren EBU3b 3114 822-2289 Tue 11:00am - 12:00pm

Collaboration Policy

All homework and programming assignments must be completed individually. You must write all solutions and code that you submit, excepting any code that was provided to you as part of the assignment. You may discuss the assignments with others, but you may not make your code available to others or copy answers or code from another student--this includes code for assignments from this or similar courses in previous terms at any university. Exams will be individual effort and closed book.

Each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by UCSD’s academic integrity standards and Student Conduct policies. Any student violating university standards will earn an 'F' in the course and will be reported to the appropriate campus office. Committing acts that violate integrity or community standards are cause for suspension or dismissal from UCSD.

Charles Elkan's academic honesty guidelines developed for CSE 130 explicitly spell out many of your reponsibilities, and must be adhered to. If you have any questions, please ask.

Don't cheat. It's not worth it.

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