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CSE 124 an undergraduate course on networking and distributed systems. The continued exponential growth of the Internet has made the network an important part of our everyday lives. Companies use the network to conduct business, doctors to diagnose medical issues, storytellers to create movies and games, etc. This course will provide a broad understanding of exactly how the network infrastructure supports distributed applications ranging from email to web browsing to electronic commerce to cloud computing. Topics covered in the course include the socket API, security, naming, network file systems, transport protocols (TCP). Hands-on programming assignments provide in-depth understanding of issues in distributed systems and networking.

Prerequisites for the course include CSE 120 and a strong programming background, with knowledge of C/C++, and Java or Python.

Course Staff

Teaching Staff

NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Yashar Asgarieh CalIT2 (Atkinson Hall) 4606 Monday/Wednesday 10:30am-12:00pm
Jake Maskiewicz B275 Tuesday/Thursday 2-3pm


George Porter EBU3B 3104 Wed 2-3pm (except first week, when it will be Tuesday 4-5pm)

Course Policies


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

I reserve the right to increase (though not decrease) your grade at the end of the quarter. I also reserve the right to institute a minimum grade on the final which you must surpass to pass the course.

Collaboration / Academic dishonesty

Students are encouraged to talk to each other, to the course staff, or to anyone else about any of the assignments. Assistance must be limited to discussion of the problem and sketching general approaches to a solution. Each student must write out his or her own solutions to assignments.

"GitHub policy": During the term, you may not post the materials related to your homeworks, projects, or other assignments online in a way that others can access. This means that you cannot post this content to a public GitHub repo or similar source code hosting site. It is totally fine to use a private repo for yourself or your project group, just not a public one.

GitHub offers free private hosting for students. Please visit https://education.github.com/ to sign up.


Religious Accommodation: It is the policy of the University to make reasonable efforts to accommodate students having bona fide religious conflicts with scheduled examinations by providing alternative times or methods to take such examinations. If you anticipate that a scheduled examination will occur at a time at which your religious beliefs prohibit participation in the examination, you must submit to the instructor a statement describing the nature of the religious conflict and specifying the days and times of conflict. This statement must be submitted by the 2nd week of class.

Emergencies: Exceptions for documented medical emergencies, death of an immediate family member, or other such life-altering situations must be requested from the instructor as soon as practical.


This website was created using Dave Andersen and Nick Feamster's coursegen software (thanks!). A subset of the course content has been adapted from previous instances of CSE 124 taught at UC San Diego. Some materials are included (with permission) as indicated.

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