• Class Participation (5%) will be assessed by your participation in answering questions with the clicker. Register your clicker with using your First and Last Names, Student PID (e.g. A0XXXXXXXXX), and the Remote ID. Results for the clicker questions will be counted starting with class on Thursday, January 16; clicker questions before then will not be counted. You must answer 75% percent of the questions throughout the quarter in order to receive full points. Please check Piazza for your assigned groups.

    Group Assignments and Seating Chart

  • Homework Assignments (30%) will be assigned approximately every one or two weeks, and instructions on turning them in will be posted with each assignment. You have a total of four late days that you can use throughout the quarter as you need them, where a late day means anything between 1 second and 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds past a deadline.
  • Midterm (30%) will be held in class sometime in the middle of the quarter. The midterm exam is closed book and closed notes.
  • Final (35%) will be held on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 11:30am to 2:30pm (in CENTR 214). It must be taken at the scheduled time and location. In order to turn in your completed final examination, you must present a valid UCSD ID at the time the examination papers are handed to the instructor; papers not accompanied by a valid UCSD ID will not be accepted. The final exam is closed book and closed notes.

integrity of scholarship

University rules on integrity of scholarship will be strictly enforced. By taking this course, you implicitly agree to abide by the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship described here.

In particular, “all academic work will be done by the student to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind.” You are expected to do your own work on all assignments; there are no group projects in this course. You may (and are encouraged to) engage in general discussions with your classmates regarding the assignments, but specific details of a solution, including the solution itself, must always be your own work. There will be graded assignments and exam in this course, as described below. All exams are closed book; no implement other than your brain and a writing instrument are to be used.

Incidents which violate the University’s rules on integrity of scholarship will be taken seriously. In addition to receiving a zero (0) on the assignment/exam in question, students may also face other penalties, up to and including, expulsion from the University. Should you have any doubts about the moral and/or ethical implications of an activity regarding the course, please see the instructor.