CSE 222A, Winter 2013: Computer Communication Networks

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3/30: Quizzes graded
Solutions to the quiz are available in the Piazza forums. Grades are available through the GradeSource link.
1/22: Project ideas posted on Piazza
Project ideas of interest have been posted on Piazza for students who haven't formed their groups yet. Please use the information to organize and form your groups.

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CSE 222a is a graduate course on computer networks. The continued exponential growth of the Internet has made the network an important part of our everyday lives. Companies use the network to conduct business, doctors to diagnose medical issues, etc. This course will provide a broad understanding of exactly how the network infrastructure supports distributed applications. Topics covered in the course include: Internet routing, software-defined networking, datacenters, content distribution networks, and peer-to-peer systems.

This is a research-oriented course focusing on current and classic papers from the research literature. Further, all students will work on an original research project, culminating in a project writeup and conference-style presentation. In the past, the very best of these course projects have resulted (with additional work) in publication in top conferences.

Prerequisites for the course include a general understanding of computer networks, distributed systems, and operating systems.

Course Staff

Teaching Assistant

NameEmailOfficeTelOffice Hours
Siva Radhakrishnan EBU3b B240A N/A Wed 1:00 - 3:00pm (or by appointment)


Alex C. Snoeren EBU3b 3114 822-2289 Tue 11:00 - 12:00pm

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