CSE 260 Final project requirements

Final Report

A hard copy of the final report is due by 5PM on Monday, March 19th. Please put it in my mailbox on the 2nd floor. As in prior assignments, please make me an electronic copy (instructions below).

Your writeup should describe the application at a level appropriate for a technical non-expert audience. Thus you will likely need to provide some background knowledge to allow the audience to understand the application.

Your report should address the following issues.

  1. What is the goal of your project? If you are working with an application, describe the important steps of the underlying algorithm.
  2. What was your approach, e.g. experimental method?
  3. What are your findings and their interpretation? Include an analysis of performance.
  4. Explain any goals that were modified. In particular, discuss any milestones you could not meet along with an explanation.
  5. What are your conclusions?
  6. What did you learn from the project?

Be sure to include an updated self-evaluation discussing the division of labor and other aspects of how you worked together as a team (A copy of the form is available in here)

The grade for your project will be based primarily on its thoroughness but also on presentation. If properly documented, negative results are also valued. Such results will be rewarded just as positive results are, that is, so long as all points listed above are adequately addressed.

Draw your plots carefully and include any plotted data in tabular form in an Appendix. Don't include any source listings in your hard copy writeup, but do provide pseudocode as necessary. Your electronic turnin will contain all the source code.

Electronic submission

Transmit your submission electronically by the deadline. Email a compressed archive file (e.g. .zip, .tgz) as an attachment to the following address, with cse260:Proj in the subject line:

When extracted, the compressed archive should produce a directory of the form <LASTNAME>_<INITIALS>, i.e. Baden_SB.tgz. It should contain your writeup, all source code needed to build any software your wrote, plus other materials as discussed below. Be sure and delete all .o files and executables before creating the archive file.

At the top level of your directory there should be a file listing all the parts of your electronic submission. Ideally this should be a file with clickable links, e.g. index.html, README.doc, etc., but an ordinary ASCII file README.txt will do.

Provide various subdirectories as follows

src/ contains all source code along with a makefile, so that I can build the software.
src may have multiple subdirectories as needed.
data/ Any tabular data, experimental output
plots/ Any separate plot files

If you need other directories be sure to explain them in the navigation file. Please stick to this format, as it will facilitate the grading process.

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