CSE 260 Grading and Course Policies (Winter 2012)

Scott B. Baden


Plan to complete the assigned readings prior to the start of class. The lectures will complement the readings and may cover different material, or offer a different perspective. I will expect you to be familiar with the assigned readings and, accordingly, to participate in class discussions: to ask and answer questions, offer commentary and insight. You may find it helpful to keep a journal of what you've read, especially research papers that will be assigned from time to time. Here are some tips on writing summaries. If you have questions about the readings, post them to Moodle.

Grading and Course policies

Grading will be based on programming labs and a course project.

Programming Labs (60%)

There will be 3 programming labs and all will be done in teams of 2 or 3. Students will author application with threads (pthreads and/or openmp), message passing (MPI) and CUDA. The labs include a report, which will become more important with each succeeding lab. Be sure to allow for time to complete this important part of the assignment.

Project (40%)

A course project will begin in week 6. I will provide a list of projects and will allow a few self-proposed projects.


Academic Integrity

While I encourage you to discuss labs and projects with your classmates, the work done by your team must be independent of others’. You must not take written notes while discussing someone else’s work nor anytime afterwords. You must not use someone else’s code, nor code you wrote for another course, unless I authorize it. In some cases it may be appropriate for you to use code you've previously authored. The general criteria I'll apply to considering such code is whether or not it functions in a support role for further exploration, but doesn't replace the assignment or significantly reduce the learning experience. See me if you have code you'd like to re-use.

Though I don’t expect there to be a problem in a graduate course, Academic Integrity will be strictly enforced. Anyone found plagiarizing another’s work, or making their own work available to others, will receive a zero grade for the work in question and face other possible consequences.   You are assumed to be familiar with the Academic Honestly Policies for this course, as described in the following document, which also discusses code usage.


If you aren’t sure about this policy be sure and see Professor Baden. Academic Integrity policies apply to teams as well as individuals.

Lateness and Grading appeals

I'll consider any reasonable request for a delayed turnin, but all other assignments must be turned in on time. I'll accept regrade requests for one week after the assignment or exam has been returned to the class. After that, the grading decision is final.

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