Documentation for Intel software

To view a table of getting started documents: for the Intel products, run the command line version of Chromium Browser

chromium-browser /opt/intel/composerxe-2011.2.137/Documentation/en_US/documentation_c.htm

You must login to Lillput with X tunneling enabled. If you are connecting to Lilliput from a Linux platform using ssh, use the -X option:

% ssh -X

If you are connecting from a Windows platform, and are using a 'secure shell client' AND 'exceed' (or xwin32, or cygwin) to log into Lilliput, then you must ensure that 'X11 tunneling' is set. To do this, you must have installed Cygwin /X with X11.

The above documentation is also available from the following web site, and you can run from your favorite browser without connecting to Lilliput:

Movies and additional training are available on Intel's website at

Intel has also posted the Intel Guide for Developing Multithreaded Applications

Documentation can be found on-line

Optimizaton Quick Refrendce (V 11)

Documentation for C++ compiler

Compiler man page

Math Kernel Library (MKL)

In addition, we have installed VTune Amplifier XE 2011, with documentation located at

For additional information, including forums, consult the Intel Knowledge base:

Inspector XE

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