CSE 20: Discrete Mathematics (Winter 2012)

Instructor: Joseph Pasquale

Teaching Assistant: Anshuman Gupta, a2gupta@ucsd.edu
Teaching Assistant: Rossana Motta, rmotta@ucsd.edu
Teaching Assistant: Srdjan Krstic, skrstic@ucsd.edu

Lectures: Tue/Thu 12:30-1:50, PCYNH 106
Discussion 1: Wed 12:00-12:50, WLH 2204
Discussion 2: Wed 1:00-1:50, WLH 2204



This course is on discrete mathematics for computer science students. Topics will include formal logic, methods of proof (including induction), set theory, graph theory, recurrence relations, and some advanced topics to be determined. The course is organized of the following:


The notes for each lecture will be posted here one day prior to that lecture's class (generally in the evening, by 9pm).