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Course Overview

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CSE237a: Course schedule

Note: This schedule is subject to change.



Required Readings


T 1/4



Th 1/6

Platforms & Modeling


HW 1 Out
T 1/11 Modeling - FSMs, StateCharts, SDL Edwards et al.:” Design of Embedded Systems: Formal Models, Validation and Synthesis
Th 1/13 Modeling - Petri nets

Murata:”Petri nets: Properties, Analysis and Applications”
p.541-553,sec VIII

T 1/18


Lee et al. “Static scheduling of synchronous DF programs for DPS”


Th 1/20

Synch Lang, UML, HW

Benveniste et al.”The Synchronous Languages 12yrs Later”

T 1/25 Timing & Scheduling Raynal, Singhal ”Logical time: A way to capture causality in distributed systems”

HW1 Due
HW2 Out

Th 1/27

Timing & Scheduling

Sha et al.”Generalized rate-monotonic scheduling theory…”

T 2/1

Power, energy and performance

L. Benini, A. Bogliolo, and G. De Micheli. "A survey of design techniques for system-level dynamic power management"

Project part 1 out

Th 2/3

Research topic: Energy efficiency of large scale systems

Guest lecture

HW2 Due

T 2/8 Power, energy and performance (cont.) G. Dhiman, T. Simunic Rosing, "Using online learning for system level power management"
Th 2/10 RTOS

I.C. Bertolotti: "Real-Time embedded operating systems: standards and perspectives
chap. 11.1,2,4,5

T 2/15


"Moyer: “Low-power design for embedded processors” Project part 1 due
Project part 2 out
Th 2/17


Wolf et al. ”Memory System Optimization of Embedded Software”

T 2/22 Memory cont.
Wolf et al. ”Memory System Optimization of Embedded Software” HW3 Out
Th 2/24 Sensors, Actuators, Interfacing Culler, Estrin, “Overview of sensor networks”
T 3/1

Project demos

Meet in ES Lab, CSE 3219 Project part 2 due
Th 3/3 Real-time IO Hard Real-time Communication in Multiple-Access Networks
T 3/8

HW/SW Codesign
Final exam review

De Micheli, Gupta: “Hardware/Software Co-Design”

HW 3 Due
Previous Exam
Previous Exam Sol.

Th 3/10

Final exam

During class time