CSE 21: Mathematics for Algorithms and Systems (Winter 10)

Instructor: Joseph Pasquale (office hours: Thu 5:30-6:30 or by appt, EBU3B 3112)

Teaching Assistant: Albert (Yonghahk) Park (office hours: Wed 10-11, Fri 11-12, APM Annex, Room 1832)
Teaching Assistant (half-time): Chengmo Yang
Tutor: Mohammad Zohour (office hours: Mon 5-6pm, Thu 7-10:30pm, Fri 3-4pm, EBU3B B250A or if busy, B250)

Lectures: Tue/Thu 3:30-4:50, CENTR 113
Discussion: Fri 10:00-10:50, CENTR 113



This course will provide an introduction to the discrete mathematical tools needed to analyze algorithms and systems. Topics will include combinatorics, discrete probability, graph theory, algorithmic analysis. The course is organized of the following: