CSE 190

Internet E-Commerce

In this course, you will learn everything required to build a scalable, secure, high-availability web service on the Internet.

Material covered: 3-tier architecture, HTML, Javascript, style sheets, Web servers, HTML templates, scripting languages (ASP, JSP, PHP), application servers, failover strategies, load balancing, persistent state in HTTP, database interfaces, XML, XSL, WAP, security, operations, and performance.

Some background on your instructor, Sam Inala.


You will be graded based upon your performance on the exams and on the project. One project will be given, for you to apply for you knowledge of the course.

Grades have been mailed to all students. If you haven't received an email (some accounts have expired before email was sent), then you may email me directly for grades.

Exam 1 (Presentation Tier)Jan 24th20%17.5
Exam 2 (Application Tier) - Does not include lecture 10Feb 12th20%13.5
ProjectMar 12th20%20.22
Final Exam (Data Tier & Ops; Advanced)Mar 21st, 8-11am40%32.69

Final exam: Thursday, March 21st, 8am-11am, Solis 107.

Final grades benefitted from a small curve.

Office hours

Office hours are Wednesdays, 11am-12pm. Outside of Tuesday through Thursday morning, I will be out of office. Knock on 5337 in APM (the multimedia lab) and I'd be happy to meet with you. Otherwise, I respond quickly to email.

I will be holding office hours during finals week.

Lecture Notes

Syllabus (ppt)

Lecture 1: Architecture (ppt)
Lecture 2: HTML, Javascript, Stylesheets (ppt)
HTML 4.0 Source book pages 1-19, 23-28, 38-39, 459-460, 462-469, 476, 477-479, 481, 347-352, 364.
Lecture 3: The Document Object Model (ppt)
HTML 4.0 Source book pages 437-448
Lecture 4: Web Servers (ppt)
Apache Server 2.0 Beginner's Guide pages 5, 258, 4-6, 9-11, 15-17, 33-34, 64-75, 92-114, 258
Web Servers pages 8-9, 100-103, 105
HTML 4.0 Sourcebook pages 497-513, 515-520
Lecture 5: (Lecture 4 continued); Exam review (ppt)
Lecture 5 selected answers (ppt)
Lecture 6 - no lecture notes - Exam 1

Lecture 7: HTML Templates (ppt)
Lecture 8: Application Tier Architecture (ppt)
Lecture 9: Application Tier Languages (ppt)
Exam 2 - Sample Questions (ppt)
Lecture 10: Data Tier (ppt)
Lecture 11 - no lecture - Exam 2

Lecture 12: Data Tier (SQL, DB Design) (ppt)
Lecture 13: Data Tier Coding (ADO, JDBC, DBI) (ppt)
Lecture 14: Operations (ppt)
Lecture 15: Security (ppt)
Lecture 16: Performance (ppt)
Lecture 17: XML, XSL (ppt) Lecture 18 - project review
Lecture 19: SOAP, WML (ppt)
Final Sample Questions With Answers (ppt)

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