CSE 291, Spring 2024

  Nadia Heninger (nadiah at cs dot ucsd dot edu)

  Keegan Ryan  

  Tuesday/Thursday 2pm-3:20pm EBU3B 4258

Course Overview

This is a graduate-level special topics course on public-key cryptanalysis. Students will read and discuss research papers and contribute to a survey paper as a research project.

Prerequisites: CSE 207A or CSE 207B, background in number theory, or instructor permission.

Tentative Schedule

Reading Additional papers
4/2 Introduction and Planning Reconstructing RSA private keys from random key bits
Ideal forms of Coppersmith's theorem and Guruswami-Sudan list decoding
Using LLL-Reduction for Solving RSA and Factorization Problems
4/4 Recovering cryptographic keys from partial information, by example The Geometry of Syzygies
The Generalized Basis Reduction Algorithm
4/9 On Bounded Distance Decoding with Predicate: Breaking the "Lattice Barrier" for the Hidden Number Problem Reference repository on Lattice-based Cryptography
A Persional view of Average-case Complexity
Lattice Blog Reduction - Part 1: BKZ
A riddle wrapped in an enigma
4/11 Lattice attacks on NTRU and LWE: A History of Refinements
4/16 No class
4/18 No class
4/23 Cryptanalysis of the Revised NTRU Signature Scheme
4/25 Gentry-Szydlo continued
4/30 No class
5/2 No class
5/7 Gentry-Szydlo continued
5/9 Gentry-Szydlo continued
5/14 Revisiting the Gentry-Szydlo Algorithm
5/28 Lattices with Symmetry