CSE 290 -- Architecture Lunch


Facilitator: Dean Tullsen

tullsen at cs dot ucsd dot edu

The goal of this seminar is to collect everyone doing research in computer architecture at UCSD, and discuss current research and activities in the field. All are welcome to attend.

Class meets M 1:00-1:50 in CSE 4140

Expectations: (1) Please volunteer to present now and then. (2) Come prepared to discuss and interact with the presentations, but we do not expect you to read papers ahead of time (but in some cases, it may be a great idea). (3) When something good happens (paper accepted, etc.), please let me know so we can all celebrate together. The zoom link to join remotely is https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/93592557980


March 28 Special assignment -- no class March 28, but make sure you attend the Open House keynote and architecture sessions n/a
April 4 Joey Rudek Posits
April 11 Zixuan Wang NVRAM Security
April 18 Ziheng Liu REPT: Reverse Debugging of Failures in Deployed Software
April 25 Computer Architecture News (slides) Edwin Mascarenhas and Gandhar Deshpande
May 2 Brandon Saldanha TBD
May 9 Pulkit Agrawal Analyzing and Leveraging Decoupled L1 Caches in GPUs
May 16 Guest Speaker Heiner Litz TBD
May 23 Hosein Yavarzadeh TBD
May 30 Computer Architecture News TBD and TBD