CSE 291
2018 April 4: In-class exercise #1

During class today, you’re going to work either individually or with a partner on writing the framing code for homework 1.

Preparing for the exercise

Begin by creating a copy of the starter code for the assignment.

Make sure that you can log into GradeScope.com and access the assignment.

Writing the code

You are going to modify the files CalcFramer.hpp and CalcFramer.cpp to implement your solution. I’ve included a small main file that you can use to test your code before submitting.

To build the code:

$ make

Testing your code

There is a script in the repo that will create a zip file that you can submit to GradeScope:

$ ./make_submission.sh

Once you run this script, you can upload the generated submission.zip file to GradeScope. There the autograder will run a few tests against your submission and provide you with feedback. You can submit as many times as you’d like, before the end of class


If you get full points via the autograder, then great! But if you don’t, or don’t finish in time, then we’ll subjectively look at your submission to make sure that it looks like you put in reasonable effort and that you were well prepared to do the assignment (e.g., you did any assigned reading before coming to class).

Important note

Make sure to submit something to GradeScope before the class is over–once class is over the submission system will be closed automatically.