CSE 291 Peer-to-peer networks and Chord
2018 June 4: Homework 5

Problem 1

Consider a Chord ring based on 7-bit identifiers and keys, with nodes {15,26,47,48,51,69,75,106,110,127}. Provide finger tables for nodes 26, 75, and 110. Show all hops for the following key lookups: (1) source 75 looking up key 12, (2) source 110 looking up key 89, and source node 47 looking up key 3.

Problem 2

Given the graph on slide 10 of the Datacenter lecture notes (filename 25-Datacenters.pdf), provide the relative delay penalty (stretch) table for all pairs. E.g., you should have a table with A through F as rows, and A through F as columns, and the upper-right triangle of that table should hve ratios in them. The diagonal can be all zeros. As a hint, the A to B cell should be 4/4, and the D to E cell should be 13/4.