CSE 291
2018 March 1: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Will you podcast this course?

No. This quarter we will be doing several in-class exercises and paper discussions that will be part of your participation/grade, and so coming to class will be integral to the overall course experience.

Q2: Do I need to be registered in the class to attend?

At the moment, the course has a pretty high wait list, and so I can only guarantee seats in the course to those who are registered.

Q3: Can I take 291 if I’ve taken CSE 124?

Unfortunately no. CSE 291 has some additional materials beyond what is covered in 124 (such as some research papers and leader election), however there is enough overlap that you cannot count both courses.

Q4: Can I take this course if I’m a Ph.D. student?

Possibly. If you are a “systems and networking” student, then you cannot and must take CSE 222A instead. If you are in another sub-field of Computer Science, than you might be able to take 291 with your advisor’s approval.