Grading and Course Policies

For those taking the class for 4 units, your grade will be determined by the assignments (2/3) and either a final exam or final project (1/3), which will be held TBA. For 2 units, the grade is based only on homework. For 1 unit, the grade is based only on class participation.

There will be approximately four assignments. Each assignment will have a “target date” for completion but the actual due date for turning in all of the assignments is Wednesday June 1. Thus you can work at your own pace, but it is a good idea to stick to the target dates and come by my office hours periodically to check your progress.

You are encouraged to work in groups of 2-3 on each assignment. Indicate the names of your collaborators at the top of each assignment and cite any references used (including articles, books, code, websites, and personal communications). You may submit just one writeup for the entire group. Remember not to plagiarize; all solutions must be written by members of the group.

Your solutions must be prepared in LaTeX and output to pdf format. (If you don't already know LaTeX, this is an excellent opportunity to start using it. Nearly all academic conferences and journals require LaTeX formatted submissions.) Your solutions should include all diagrams, written explanations, code, and program output (e.g. Matlab plots) relevant to the problem.

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