Scribing Resources

CSE 252B - Computer Vision II
Spring 2004

Preparing your notes

Each student will be expected to scribe (i.e. generate typeset lecture notes for) one of the technical lectures. Lecture notes should be typeset with LaTeX, using pcms-l.cls and preamble.tex. As an example, the scribe notes for the first lecture are located here. (The LaTeX source for the other lectures can also be found in the lec02, lec03, etc. directories.) Tasha collected some information for first-time LaTeX users running Windows here; see also the information from Jayson here. Mac OS X users can use TeXShop.

Submitting your notes

We would like to post lecture notes no later than one week after the lecture is given. This includes getting feedback from the designated student reviewer and making any necessary corrections. When both of you are satisfied, send email to the instructor with a note pointing to the directory containing your notes on the web. If you do not have webspace available for this purpose, you can email the notes themselves to the instructor. Please submit only the .tex file containing your lecture notes and the files for your figures. The instructor might request further changes to the notes. The final version of the notes will be made available on the course web page (with your name on it).

Scribe Sign-Up Sheet