CSE  228: Multimedia Systems

Spring 2003


Course Information

P. Venkat Rangan (venkat@cs.ucsd.edu)
AP&M 5151
TuTH 3:30pm - 4:50 pm
Office hours
  AP&M 5151, TuTh 6:30pm-7:30 pm or by appointment (Update !)
Room Allocation
WLH 2208
Important Date
Homework 1    April 24, 2003 (solution !)
          Midterm           May 6, 2003 (solution !)
Homework 2    May 29, 2003 (solution !)
          Final                 June 5 (in class)
Grading Policy
20 points: 1st homework
20 points: 2nd homework
25 points: 1st midterm
30 points: final
15 points: project presentation (a student can, therefore, get a total of 10 points extra above 100 points, to improve his/her grade substantially).


Reference books (not required textbooks):
  • Multimedia Communication Systems: Techniques, Standards, and Networks by D. A. Milovanovic, Zoran S. Bojkovic, Dragorad A. Milovanovic, Kamisetty Ramamohan Rao (Prentice Hall, 2002)
  • Networked Multimedia Systems, Concepts, Architecture and Design, by S. V. Raghavan and S. K. Tripathi, Prentice Hall, 1998
  • Multimedia programming: objects, Environments and Frameworks, by S. J. Gibbs and D, C. Tsichritzis, Addison Wesley and ACM Press, 1995
  • http://www.mpeg.org. It deals with MPEG 1,2,4,7, mp3,ac3, etc.
  • 'Mpeg Video : Compression Standard (Digital Multimedia Standards Series)' by by Joan L. Mitchell (Editor), William B. Pennebaker (Editor), Chad E. Fogg.

    Lecture Schedule for April (will get completed/refined/revised as we progress through the course)

    Week Topics Book Chapters/Assigned Reading Announcements
    Week 1 (3/31-4/4) Overview and Historical Perspective,   Image and Media Basics,
    Week 2 (4/7-4/11) Video Production and Digital MediaDigital Video and JPEG Encoding
    Week 3 (4/14-4/18) JPEG (DCT), JPEG (cont.) and Introduction to MPEG    
    Week 4 (4/21-4/25) MPEG System Layer Continuity and Synchronization in MPEG  
    Week 5 (4/28-5/2) MPEG System Layer (cont) and MPEG Editing    
    Week 6-7 Video Server and Video Caching Architecture for Personalized Multimedia, Designing File Systems for Digital Video and Audio  
    Week 8 Introduction to Multimedia Networking and Multimedia Networking (cont.) Notes on handing Frame-packet Losses in ATM Networks and CD Drive  
    Week 9 Performance Guarantee on ATM Packet Level and Media Synchronization on Network    
    Final Exam   Adaptive Feedback Techniques for Synchronized Multimedia Retrieval over Integrated Networks  


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