Announcements for Oct 16


A few announcements:

  1. For any homeworks that involve writing code, we have arranged with GitHub for you to receive your own “classroom” repository. This free repository is automatically made private, and the teaching staff have access to it so they can look at your code when helping you or answering your questions. To get a copy of this repository, you need to accept a GitHub “invitation”. I’ve updated the HW 4 write-up with an invitation to the starter code repository. Please let me know if you have any questions about using github in this class.

  2. When you submit code to GradeScope, you can either upload a zip file of your code, or you can associate your GitHub repository to GradeScope. If you do associate your repository with GradeScope, you need to remember to re-submit your assignment after you make changes to your GitHub repo to receive credit for it. GradeScope pulls the “master” branch every time you submit your assignment within GradeScope. If you later on push a new change to GitHub, GradeScope will not automatically get that change, so please make sure to re-submit within GradeScope itself to get all the latest changes.

  3. If you are not familiar with using GradeScope and/or Github, please work through submitting a very basic homework early, even if parts of the assignment are not completed. You can continue resubmitting as many times as you want until the due date. That way, you can work through any issues accessing these resources, and work with the TAs if you have trouble. Please don’t wait till the last minute to submit your assignment! Submit early and often.