CSE 124 Fall 2017

Welcome to CSE 124!


CSE 124 an undergraduate course on implementing networked software. By the end of the course, you will develop an understanding for how to make software that can communicate over the network and connect to cloud-based resources while ensuring scalability, dependability and fault tolerance, and security.

This course will provide a broad understanding of exactly how the network infrastructure supports distributed applications ranging from web browsing to cloud computing. Topics covered in the course include sockets programming, data centers and cloud computing, Remote Procedure Calls, scale-out distributed directories, distributed consensus and state management, indirection, overlay networks, load balancing, and security.

To better explore the theoretical concepts covered in the course, you will complete two hands-on programming assignments, which will provide in-depth understanding of issues in distributed systems and networking, as well as a set of homeworks that focus on individual topics.

Univ. of California Description:

(Renumbered from CSE 123B) The architecture of modern networked services, including data center design, enterprise storage, fault tolerance, and load balancing. Protocol software structuring, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), remote procedure calls, protocols for digital audio and video communication, overlay and peer-to-peer systems, secure communication.