CSE 127: Computer Security: Turnin Instructions for Part1 of Project1

Required files: sploit1.c, sploit2.c, util.h, util.c, ID, README.

The sploit1.c and sploit2.c files should contain the exploits for target1.c and target2.c respectively. If you want to write your own utility code and use it in sploit?.c you should put it in util.h and util.c. However, if your entire code is in sploit?.c you don't need to have util.h and util.c. Also, make sure that your code can be compiled with the Makefile in the sploits directory that we have provided. Along with your exploits, you must include file called ID which contains, on a single line, the following: your student id#; your UCSD username; and your name, in the format last name, comma, first name. An example:

$ cat ./ID
31337357 hermann Buhl, Hermann
If you work with a partner, the ID file should contain two lines, one for each of you.
You may want to include a README file with comments about your experiences or suggestions for improving the assignment.

Before turning in your solutions you should copy the required files to your cs127 account on ieng6. Once you copy the files to turn them in you need to do the following:

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