CSE 252C: Selected Topics in Vision & Learning

List of Suggested Papers

Recovering Camera Motion Using L_infinity Minimization, Kristy Sim and Richard Hartley, CVPR'06.

Particle Video: Long-Range Motion Estimation Using Point Trajectories, Peter Sand and Seth Teller, CVPR'06.

Putting Objects in Perspective, Derek Hoiem, Alexei Efros, and Martial Hebert, CVPR'06.

An Efficiency Criterion for 2D Shape Model Selection, Kathryn Leonard, CVPR'06.

Using Multiple Segmentations to Discover Objects and their Extent in Image Collections, Bryan Russell, Alexei Efros, Josef Sivic, William Freeman, and Andrew Zisserman, CVPR'06.

Gabriel Brostow and Roberto Cipolla, Unsupervised Bayesian Detection of Independent Motion in Crowds, CVPR'06.

Ishikawa and Geiger, Rethinking the Prior Model for Stereo, ECCV'06.

Ukrainitz and Irani, Aligning Sequences and ACtions by Maximizing Space-Time Correlations, ECCV'06.

Jurie, Nowak and Triggs, Sampling Strategies for Bag-of-Features Image Classification, ECCV'06.

Levin and Weiss, Learning to Combine Bottom-Up and Top-Down Segmentation, ECCV'06.

Sinisa Todorovic and Narendra Ahuja. Extracting Subimages of an Unknown Category from a Set of Images, CVPR'06

Multiple Object Class Detection with a Generative Model, Krystian Mikolajczyk,Bastian Leibe,Bernt Schiele

A Min-Cover Approach for Finding Salient Curves, Pedro Felzenszwalb, David McAllester, CVPR 2006.

Image Completion Using Global Optimization Nikos Komodakis and Georgios Tziritas, CVPR 2006.

The Design of High-Level Features for Photo Quality Assessment, Yan Ke, Xiaoou Tang, Feng Jing, CVPR 2006.

Multi-Scale Contour Extraction Based on Natural Image Statistics, Francisco J. Estrada and James H. Elder, CVPRW 2006.

Nonlinear Mean Shift for Clustering over Analytic Manifolds, Raghav Subbarao and Peter Meer, CVPR 2006.

Example Based 3D Reconstruction from Single 2D Images, Tal Hassner and Ronen Basri, CVPR 2006.

N. P. Cuntoor, "Morse functions for Activity Classification Using Spatiotemporal Volumes," CVPRW 2006. [pdf]

J. Mutch and D. Lowe, "Multiclass Object Recognition with Sparse, Localized Features," CVPR 2006. [pdf]

T. Serre, L. Wolf, and T. Poggio, "Object recognition with features inspired by visual cortex," CVPR2005. [pdf]

I. Fasel, B. Fortenberry, and J. Movellan, "A generative framework for real time object detection and classification," Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 98(1), April, 2005. [pdf]

M.H. Tong, C.A. Joyce, G.W. Cottrell, "Are Greebles special? Or, why the Fusiform Fish Area would be recruited for sword expertise (if we had one)," In Proceedings of the 27th Annual Cognitive Science Conference, La Stresa, Italy, 2005. [pdf]

Josef Sivic, Bryan Russell, Alexei A. Efros, Andrew Zisserman, Bill Freeman. Discovering Objects and their Location in Images. In ICCV 2005. [pdf]

"SVM-KNN: Discriminative Nearest Neighbor Classification for Visual Category Recognition" Hao Zhang, Alex Berg, Michael Maire, Jitendra Malik. CVPR 2006 [pdf]

Fei Wang, Changshui Zhang, Label Propagation through Linear Neighborhoods, ICML 2006. [pdf]

Fredrik Kahl and Didier Henrion, Globally Optimal Estimates for Geometric Reconstruction Problems, ICCV 2005.

V. Kolmogorov and R. Zabih, Multi-camera Scene Reconstruction via Graph Cuts, ECCV 2002.

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